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Bespoke Workshops

Nevis Training is proud to offer bespoke training workshops.

Each of our workshops is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of both the client and their team. Bronwyn sets aside time to consult with the client, engage with pivotal staff members, and swiftly discern the functioning and challenging areas within the company. As a result, workshops are crafted using a comprehensive range of modules, each chosen to address specific company organisational needs.

Our services are designed to tackle an array of client challenges, including handling negative customer feedback related to staff, overcoming time management issues, productivity inefficiencies, and staff performance concerns.

Bespoke Workshop modules cover a wide range of interactions within the Customer Service sphere, including, but not limited to:

Delivering outstanding customer experience

Supervising team members

Addressing challenging customers

Performance evaluation conversations

Efficiency improvement techniques

Outbound communication methods

Healthcare customer interactions

We commit to delivering an engaging, interactive learning journey through our in-person workshops. Moreover, Bronwyn is available for site visits to offer practical, personalised strategies for any staff members grappling with challenges.

bespoke workshops

Current training modules

Outstanding Customer Experience

This workshop covers a wide range of core customer service skills that will equip your staff with the expertise and techniques required to provide superior customer service every time. 

Supervising Others Workshop

Nevis Training’s Supervising Others workshop will empower leaders to become better delegators, improve time management skills, goal setting, and expectation management skills.

Handling Challenging Customers

You’ll learn how to deal with angry, frustrated, manipulative people quickly and professionally.  You’ll never regret something you’ve said because you will be able to confidently handle all types of challenges.

Performance Review Conversations

We’ll give you communication strategies to ensure your team’s performance is lifted as a result of your engagement with them.

Productivity Skills

Nevis Training’s Productivity Skills course helps participants take control of their own productivity.

Outbound Calling

This workshop will teach and/or reinforce the skills you need to communicate positively and professionally with customers, both internal and external.

Customer Experiences 

Nevis Training’s Customer Experiences in Health course was developed specifically for health sector organisations wishing to raise their service standard. 

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