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Performance Review Conversations

Performance review conversations can be difficult conversations to have, particularly when the performance in question has been less than stellar. 

Worse, perhaps, are the conversations leaders sometimes need to have with staff that are of a personal and delicate nature, such as, for example, addressing a bad case of body odour with a team member. Finding the right words to say can be extremely difficult and occupy a lot of brain space from the moment the need arises, until the moment the conversation is finally out of the way. 

Our Courageous Conversations Workshop will ensure you know what to say when you meet with your team members for conversations like these. We’ll give you communication strategies to ensure your team’s performance is lifted as a result of your engagement with them.


Modules available include, but are not limited to:

  • What are courageous conversations
  • Three types of performance problems
  • Strategies for conducting courageous conversations
  • Mehrabian’s law
  • Nice – Courageous – Fierce
  • Impact of rudeness on staff
  • Creating a safe environment
  • Acceptable performance
  • Unacceptable performance
  • Reaching an agreement

And much, much more.

To contact us regarding a bespoke workshop for your organisation, please fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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